Golden Barque Restored at Portsmouth Cathedral

The ‘Golden Barque’, a long time emblem of Old Portsmouth and landmark to mariners entering the port city, has been restored as part of the ongoing refurbishment work at Portsmouth Cathedral.  Restoration and conservation work to the tower and cupola of Portsmouth Cathedral has been ongoing since July this year, undertaken by Daedalus Conservation, and funded by First World War Centenary Cathedral Repair Fund.  The Golden Barque, which serves as a weather vane, was removed in early October this year for restoration work.

Ships & Ship Building: Penobscot Bay Area

More wooden sailing vessels were built in Maine in the 19th century than in any other state. Beginning in the early 17th century, ships and boats were built along Maine’s coast. Different types were built for both coastal and deepwater use. Thanks to the close relationships between shipmasters and shipbuilders, Maine builders developed expertise in design and construction resulting in the building of Maine’s characteristic large vessels: square-rigged Down Easters and fore-and-aft-rigged great schooners.